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Product Description

1.Italian engineering software wheel balancer.

2.Wheel three parameters fully automatic measurement & input. with 5 ALU modes and 2 ALU Smart modes. With wheel optimization mode and wheel split and (Hidden weight) function.

3.Standard 40mm threaded shaft, which can work with international standardized balancer accessories. Main shaft flange and threaded shaft threads which have been processed through supersonic quenching treatment. It is strong and endurable.

4.With technical patent of weight position marking.

5.Machine calibration is easy to operate, which can restore machine's precision quickly.  

6.Optional motorcycle balancing adapter kit is available. With motorcycle balancing mode.

7.With standard USB port. It is convenient to Upgrade the newer software.

8.Display type: LED .

9.With foot pedal design, when clamping or sticking on the weight more precisely. 

10.With power-saving mode, machine comes into standby mode automatically if the machine is not being in use after 5 minutes.

11.Electromaget automatic position brake function.

12.With LED side lamp illuminator. It is more visible in operation.

Proprietary technology:
Our balancer is unique in the world that uses the new type of accelerometer sensor as three values access technology to gua-rantee the accuracy of the three values.
300mm long balancing shaft:
With wide application range and can balance the specially shaped wheels.
No minimum wheel weight requirement.
With 7 ALU mode.
With uniquely special SUV balance mode.
With uniquely special motorcycle wheel calibration mode.

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