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Product Description

1. It’s a new product balancer with independent intellectual property rights completely.

2. Adopt the LCD monitor and special graphic board to make the display clear and bright.

3. The three parameters are measured automatically so that the customer can balance the tires more quickly and precisely.

4. The 40mm thread rod as standard is universal for balancer standard accessories. The junction surface to main shaft and the locking thread adopt the fine grinding after ultrasonic quenching treatment, which is rigid, wearable and artistic.

5. Can update the software through the standard USB port.

6. The operation process with the animation drawing and characters indication makes the using more audio-visual and precise to avoid operation mistake.

7. The laser point pinpointing the unbalance weight, transfer the more precise measurement value.

8. Equip the pedal brake to make sure that positioning the weight more precisely when stick the weight.

9. Equipping the calibration tool, can use it when calibrate the 10”-24” tire without using tires.

10. The machine has 5 kinds of ALU mode, OPT function, DYN and STA balance modes.

11. The self-check function can assist the customer to diagnose the problem precisely when the machine has problems.

12. The power language storage can save 32 kinds of different countries language for customer convenience operation.

13. The machine has the function to storage the instruction manual, exploded view and operation video in it for convenient accessing and watching.


Rim Diameter


Max. Wheel Weight


Max. Wheel Diameter


Rim Width


Rotating Speed


Balancing Precision


Motor power





Net Weight/Gross


Container Loading Quantity

48 units


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